• Spanish
    Total XP: 4352 XP
  • German
    Total XP: 3150 XP
  • Esperanto
    Total XP: 1324 XP
  • Italian
    Total XP: 430 XP
  • French
    Total XP: 320 XP
  • Danish
    Total XP: 60 XP
  • High Valyrian
    Total XP: 50 XP
  • Polish
    Total XP: 30 XP
  • Romanian
    Total XP: 10 XP

Kasenjo (Alareshu)

Native: English and American Sign Language. Currently studying Spanish and international studies in university. Favorite languages: Mexican Sign Language, Spanish, Esperanto, German, Mandarin Chinese. General language lover and will study when possible.