When written, Duolingo is always a single word with an uppercase ‘D’. The ‘L’ is never capitalized, and the name is never split into two words.

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China logo (pronounced “duō lín guó”)

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We want to make education fun, so we use a wide range of vibrant and juicy colors.

kiwi 7ac70c
blueberry 1cb0f6
raspberry d33131
banana ffb020
pumpkin fa811b
jelly 8549ba
cocoa 864e1b
licorice 4c4c4c
cloud cfcfcf
creme ffffff


We use Museo Sans Rounded for Latin scripts, giving text in Duolingo a fun and friendly feel to match our illustrations.

Section title - 300/34/31

Subsection title - 500/26/39

Body title - 700/19/29

Body text - 300/17/26

Caption - 500/17/23

BUTTON - 700/15/23/1


We strive to create iconography unique to Duolingo by infusing our symbols with Duolingo's unmistakable illustration style. We avoid the generic, all while making sure our icons remain universally recognizable.


All illustrations are geometric and created with wholes, halves and quarters of four basic shapes. Restraint is shown when applying detail to prevent artwork from appearing noisy at smaller sizes.


Duolingo lessons involve a lot of button presses, so we designed our buttons to be colorful, prominent and fun to tap. Button sizes and behavior remain consistent across all platforms and screen sizes.

Primary Button

Height: 48px
Radius: 24px
Left/Right padding: 20px
Font size: 15px
Font weight: 700
Spacing: 0.6px
Icon (optional): 22x22px
Pressed: 20% #000 overlay
Disabled button: 10% #000
Disabled text: 20% #000

Compact Primary Button

Height: 32px
Radius: 16px
Left/Right padding: 12px
Font size: 15px
Font weight: 700
Spacing: 0.6px
Pressed: 20% #000 overlay
Disabled button: 10% #000
Disabled text: 20% #000

Secondary Button

Height: 48px
Font size: 15px
Font weight: 700
Spacing: 0.6px
Icon (optional): 22x22px
Pressed: 20% #000 overlay
Disabled: 20% #000

Compact Secondary Button

Height: 32px
Font size: 15px
Font weight: 700
Spacing: 0.6px
Pressed: 20% #000 overlay
Disabled: 20% #000

Stroked Button

Min. Height: 48px
Radius: 24px
Left/Right padding: 20px
Font size: 17px
Font weight: 300
Spacing: 0px
Icon (optional): 18x18px
Pressed: 20% #000 overlay
Pressed inactive: 20% #000 fill

Tap Tokens

Height: 40px
Radius: 0px
Left/Right padding: 10px
Font size: 17px
Font weight: 300
Spacing: 0px
Shadow: y=2, blur=8, 20% #000
Pressed: 5% #000 overlay
Empty: #DDDDDD


Whether it's a web form, a challenge in a Lesson or speech functionality, our input fields are designed to minimize friction between the learner and the action.

Text input

Height: 50px
Radius: 8px
Left/Right padding: 20px
Font size: 17px
Inactive font weight: 300
Active font weight: 500
Spacing: 0px
Inactive border: #CFCFCF
Active border: #1CB0F6

Chat text input

Height: 50px
Radius: 0px
Left inner padding: 20px
Right inner padding: 5px
Font size: 17px
Font weight: 300
Border: #DDDDDD
Icon: 40x40px


Desktop Navigation

Duolingo’s familiar blue bar contains links to the most important pages on Duolingo.com and can shrink to fit smaller screen sizes.

Mobile Tabs

When the screen width becomes narrow enough, we switch to icon based navigation with labels only appearing below the active icon.

Secondary Tabs

When additional navigation is required within one of the Primary Tabs, subtly stroked labels are used so as to not compete with with the Primary navigation.


We make it fun to learn a new language by making it rewarding to monitor your progress.


Learners keep their Streak active by reaching a set goal every day. Some streaks are over 1,000 days long!

Skill Strength

Practice a Skill until you know it so well that it’s encased in gold.

Progress Bar

Tracks progress in a lesson, moving forward and backward to match correct and incorrect answers.

Grading Ribbon

Appears after a learner hits 'Continue', congratulating or correcting learners.


We want Duolingo to feel as fun as a game, so we surprise learners with delightful rewards.


Duolingo breaks Lessons down into bitesize chunks (Exercises) to help people learn a new language, all while feeling encouraged instead of overwhelmed.


Construct a sentence without having to produce words entirely from memory.


Tap the microphone and say a sentence aloud.


Translate a sentence between languages from memory.

Fill in the blank

An underscored line indicates a missing word. Use radio buttons to select the correct answer.


Tap the tokens to match words between languages.


Identify the correct object, using helpful illustrations as a guide.


Identify a word by choosing from three options, without an illustrative aid.


Translate the name of an object while also selecting the correct plural or singular article.


Listen to a sentence and type the words you hear. Tap the turtle icon to hear the sentence read slowly.


Read a sentence and select the correct translation(s).

Character Introduction

Identify what sound a Character makes. Currently only available for East Asian language courses.