(?) does he play, (he) plays, (it) is playing

Example sentences

tocoExampleYo toco la guitarra porque es divertido.TranslationI play the guitar because it's fun.
tocasExample¿Cuándo tocas el piano, Laura?TranslationWhen are you playing the piano, Laura?
tocaExampleMi marido toca la guitarra muy bien.TranslationMy husband plays the guitar very well.
tocamosExampleMi abuela y yo tocamos el piano juntas.TranslationMy grandmother and I play the piano together.
tocanExampleEllos tocan la guitarra en el concierto.TranslationThey are playing the guitar at the concert.
toquéExampleYo no toqué la pintura en el museo.TranslationI didn't touch the painting in the museum.
toquéExampleAyer toqué un pájaro.TranslationYesterday I touched a bird.
tocabaExampleEl niño tocaba todo en la tienda.TranslationThe child was touching everything in the store.
tocasteExample¿Por qué tocaste mis libros?TranslationWhy did you touch my books?
tocasteExample¿Tú tocaste el piano en la fiesta anoche?TranslationDid you play the piano at the party last night?
tocabasExample¿Tú qué música tocabas?TranslationWhat music were you playing?
tocóExampleAyer Pedro tocó la guitarra con su hijo.TranslationYesterday Pedro played the guitar with his son.
tocabaExampleEl niño tocaba el piano para el rey.TranslationThe boy was playing the piano for the king.
tocábamosExampleNosotros tocábamos música en la fiesta.TranslationWe were playing music at the party.
tocamosExampleMis amigos y yo tocamos la guitarra anoche.TranslationMy friends and I played the guitar last night.
tocaronExampleNuestros amigos tocaron en el bar nuevo ayer.TranslationOur friends played at the new bar yesterday.
tocabanExampleLas ovejas tocaban violines en el lago.TranslationThe sheep were playing violins at the lake.
tocadoExampleCreo que ha sido el artista que más me ha tocado.TranslationI think that he has been the artist who has touched me the most.
tocarExampleNo deberías tocar esas cosas.TranslationYou shouldn't touch those things.
tocarExampleA José no le gusta tocar el piano para la familia.TranslationJosé does not like playing the piano for the family.
tocandoExampleLuego volvieron a la sala a seguir tocando.TranslationAfterwards, they returned to the living room to keep playing.

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