cup, cup of

Example sentences

TasseNumbersingularGenderfeminineCasenominativeExampleEine Tasse Tee mit Milch, bitte.TranslationOne cup of tea with milk, please.
TassenNumberpluralGenderfeminineCasenominativeExampleZwei große Tassen Kaffee, bitte.TranslationTwo big cups of coffee, please.
TasseNumbersingularGenderfeminineCaseaccusativeExampleBraucht ihr diese Tasse?TranslationDo you need this cup?
TassenNumberpluralGenderfeminineCaseaccusativeExampleDer Lehrer mag die Tassen.TranslationThe teacher likes the cups.
TasseNumbersingularGenderfeminineCasedativeExampleTrinken Sie meinen Kaffee aus meiner Tasse?TranslationAre you drinking my coffee out of my cup?
TassenNumberpluralGenderfeminineCasedativeExampleDie Gäste trinken Suppe aus Tassen.TranslationThe guests drink soup out of cups.
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