eat, ate, eating

Example sentences

mangeExampleJe mange avec Duo.TranslationI am eating with Duo.
mangesExampleTu manges un croissant.TranslationYou are eating a croissant.
mangeExampleUne fille mange un croissant.TranslationA girl is eating a croissant.
mangeonsExampleNous mangeons un croissant.TranslationWe are eating a croissant.
mangezExampleVous mangez tous les chocolats.TranslationYou are eating all of the chocolates.
mangentExampleIls mangent les croissants.TranslationThey are eating the croissants.
mangeaisExampleQuand j'habitais au Brésil, je mangeais des fruits de mer sur la plage.TranslationWhen I was living in Brazil, I used to eat seafood on the beach.
mangionsExampleNous mangions souvent dans ce restaurant mais il est fermé maintenant.TranslationWe often used to eat in this restaurant but it's closed now.
mangiezExampleVous mangiez souvent dans ce restaurant.TranslationYou used to often eat in this restaurant.
mangéExampleHier, nous avons mangé au restaurant.TranslationYesterday, we ate at the restaurant.
mangeraiExampleJe mangerai des crevettes demain soir.TranslationI'll eat some shrimp tomorrow night.
mangerasExamplePendant tes vacances au Japon, tu mangeras des sushis délicieux.TranslationDuring your vacation in Japan, you will eat delicious sushi.
mangeExampleMange ce que ta mère te donne !TranslationEat what your mother gives you!
mangeraExampleIl ne mangera pas la même chose que nous parce qu'il est vegan.TranslationHe won't eat the same thing as us because he's vegan.
mangerExampleJe voudrais manger quelque chose.TranslationI would like to eat something.
mangeantExampleIls regardaient la télévision en mangeant leurs frites.TranslationThey were watching television while eating their fries.
mangeronsExamplePendant les vacances, nous mangerons des pizzas tous les soirs !TranslationDuring the vacation, we'll eat pizzas every evening!
mangeonsExampleMangeons des pommes.TranslationLet's eat apples.
mangezExampleMangez beaucoup de légumes.TranslationEat a lot of vegetables.
mangerezExampleVous mangerez au restaurant tous les jours.TranslationYou'll eat at the restaurant every day.
mangerontExampleLe roi et la reine mangeront des biscuits anglais.TranslationThe king and the queen will eat English cookies.

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