the, it, him

Example sentences

leNumbersingularExampleLe singe est gris.TranslationThe monkey is grey.
laNumbersingularExampleTu la manges avec du sucre.TranslationYou eat it with sugar.
lesNumberpluralExampleIl les aime.TranslationHe loves them.
leNumbersingularExampleLa femme, le garçonTranslationThe woman, the boy
laNumbersingularExampleLa fille, la femmeTranslationThe girl, the woman
lesNumberpluralExampleIl est comme son chien, il faut toujours qu'il montre les dents.TranslationHe is like his dog, he always has to bare his teeth.
l'NumbersingularExampleJe l'attends.TranslationI am waiting for him.
l'NumbersingularExampleElle l'aime.TranslationShe loves him.
l'NumbersingularExampleLa femme, l'hommeTranslationThe woman, the man
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