(to) think, thinking, mean

Example sentences

penseExampleJ'aime ce film, mais je pense qu'il est triste.TranslationI like this movie, but I think that it's sad.
pensesExampleTu penses quoi de ce film ?TranslationWhat do you think of this movie?
pensezExampleQu'est-ce que vous pensez de ce film ?TranslationWhat do you think of this movie?
pensentExampleIls pensent quoi de ce film ?TranslationWhat do they think of this movie?
pensaisExampleJe ne pensais à rien.TranslationI was not thinking about anything.
pensaisExampleTu pensais la même chose que moi.TranslationYou were thinking the same as me.
pensaitExampleIl pensait à ses parents ?TranslationWas he thinking about his parents?
pensiezExampleVous pensiez la même chose que moi.TranslationYou were thinking the same as me.
pensaientExampleBeaucoup de gens pensaient que la nouvelle danse était mauvaise.TranslationMany people thought that the new dance was bad.
penséesExampleLes choses que nous avons pensées et faites.TranslationThe things that we have thought of and done.
penseraiExampleJe penserai à toi.TranslationI'll think about you.
penserasExampleTu penseras à moi pendant tes vacances.TranslationYou'll think about me during your vacation.
penserExampleElle va penser que je ne l'aime pas.TranslationShe is going to think that I do not love her.
penseronsExampleNous penserons à toi tout le temps.TranslationWe will think about you all the time.
penserezExampleJe suis sûre que vous ne penserez pas à nous !TranslationI'm sure that you won't think about us!
penserontExampleIls penseront peut-être à nous.TranslationMaybe they'll think about us.

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