come, (I) come/am coming, (you) come/are coming

Example sentences

viensExampleJe viens d'aller au restaurant.TranslationI just went to the restaurant.
viensExampleTu viens de faire une chose importante.TranslationYou just did an important thing.
vientExampleMon frère vient avec sa femme et leur fils.TranslationMy brother comes with his wife and their son.
venonsExampleNous venons de comprendre cela.TranslationWe just understood that.
venezExampleVous venez de parler avec elle.TranslationYou just spoke with her.
viennentExampleMes parents viennent pour le déjeuner.TranslationMy parents are coming for lunch.
venaisExampleQuand tu étais petite, tu venais prendre le thé ici.TranslationWhen you were little, you used to come here for tea.
venaitExampleElle venait seule.TranslationShe was coming alone.
venionsExampleNous venions souvent dans ce restaurant.TranslationWe used to come to this restaurant often.
veniezExampleVous veniez me voir.TranslationYou were coming to see me.
venuExampleJe suis venu te dire que je m'en vais.TranslationI came to tell you that I am going away.
venueExampleJ'étais venue pour te parler mais tu n'étais pas là.TranslationI had come to talk to you but you were not there.
venusExampleIls ne sont pas venus.TranslationThey did not come.
viensExampleViens ici immédiatement.TranslationCome here immediately.
venirExampleIls vont venir avec nous.TranslationThey are going to come with us.
venezExampleVenez et voyez le château par vous-mêmes !TranslationCome and see the castle for yourselves!

venir conjugation

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