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Example sentences

dalloNumbersingularExampleQuando arrivate dallo zoo?TranslationWhen do you arrive from the zoo?
dalNumbersingularExampleViene dal ristorante.TranslationShe comes from the restaurant.
dallaNumbersingularExamplePasso dalla gioielleria.TranslationI will stop by the jewelry store.
daiNumberpluralExamplePrendo la frutta dai piatti.TranslationI take the fruit from the plates.
dagliNumberpluralExamplePrendo i giornali dagli uomini.TranslationI take the newspapers from the men.
dalleNumberpluralExampleLa donna compra i biscotti dalle ragazze.TranslationThe woman buys the cookies from the girls.
dall'NumbersingularExamplePrendono i pesci dall'acqua.TranslationThey take the fish from the water.
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