(he/she/it/you) would watch, (he/she/it/you) would look, (he/she/it/you) would look at

Example sentences

guardaExampleLa scimmia guarda il gatto.TranslationThe monkey watches the cat.
guardiamoExampleNoi guardiamo gli animali.TranslationWe look at the animals.
guardateExampleVoi guardate le ragazze.TranslationYou watch the girls.
guardiExampleÈ importante che ognuno si guardi intorno.TranslationIt is important for each one to look around.
guardassiExampleVorrei che guardassi questa foto.TranslationI would like you to look at this photo.
guardaiExampleGuardai l'immagine.TranslationI watched the image.
guardòExampleMi guardò negli occhi.TranslationHe looked into my eyes.
guardavaExampleLa moglie lo guardava senza capire.TranslationThe wife was watching him without understanding.
guardasseExampleVorrei che lei mi guardasse negli occhi.TranslationI would like for her to look in my eyes.
guardammoExampleCi guardammo.TranslationWe watched one another.
guardaronoExampleMi guardarono in silenzio.TranslationThey watched me in silence.
guardatoExampleNon so perché il gruppo abbia guardato quel film.TranslationI do not know why the group has watched that movie.
guardataExampleSi è guardata allo specchio.TranslationShe has looked at herself in the mirror.
guarderòExampleGuarderò se è dentro.TranslationI will look if he is inside.
guarderaiExampleMi guarderai.TranslationYou are going to look at me.
guardaExampleGuarda bene cosa faccio!TranslationWatch what I do closely!
guarderebbeExampleNessuno guarderebbe i tuoi disegni.TranslationNobody would look at your drawings.
guardareExampleL'ho visto guardare verso di me.TranslationI have seen him looking toward me.
guardandoExampleQualcuno ti sta guardando.TranslationSomebody is watching you.
guarderannoExampleGuarderanno qualche partita insieme al bar.TranslationThey will watch a few matches together at the bar.

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