(you) eat

Example sentences

mangioExampleIo mangio il gelato al cioccolato.TranslationI eat the chocolate ice cream.
mangiExamplePerché non mangi la verdura?TranslationWhy do you not eat the vegetables?
mangiaExampleLei non mangia l'ingrediente nel pane.TranslationShe does not eat the ingredient in the bread.
mangiamoExampleNon mangiamo le vostre banane.TranslationWe do not eat your bananas.
mangiateExampleQuanta torta mangiate?TranslationHow much cake do you eat?
mangianoExampleQuante donne mangiano nel ristorante?TranslationHow many women eat in the restaurant?
mangiatoExampleQuando hai mangiato con Stefania a quel ristorante?TranslationWhen did you eat with Stephanie at that restaurant?
mangiateExampleQuanti panini mangiate?TranslationHow many sandwiches are you eating?
mangereiExampleLo mangerei solo se stessi per morire di fame.TranslationI would eat it only if I was about to die of hunger.
mangerestiExampleCosa mangeresti?TranslationWhat would you eat?
mangerebbeExampleMio fratello mangerebbe qualsiasi cosa.TranslationMy brother would eat anything.
mangiareExampleI miei amici dicono che non vogliono mangiare in quel ristorante.TranslationMy friends say that they do not want to eat at that restaurant.
mangiandoExampleConoscevate gli individui che stavano mangiando là?TranslationDid you know the individuals who were eating there?
mangerebberoExampleLe ragazze mangerebbero pesce?TranslationWould the girls eat fish?

mangiare conjugation

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