that, that one

Example sentences

esseNumbersingularGendermasculineExampleEu uso este aqui, você usa esse aí.TranslationI use this one here, you use that one there.
essaNumbersingularGenderfeminineExampleEssa é a nossa nova arma.TranslationThat is our new weapon.
essesNumberpluralGendermasculineExampleEsses são cavalos.TranslationThose are horses.
esseNumbersingularGendermasculineExampleQuem é esse homem aí com você?TranslationWho is that man there with you?
essaNumbersingularGenderfeminineExampleNós comemos essa fruta.TranslationWe eat such fruit.
essesNumberpluralGendermasculineExampleEsses livros são novos.TranslationThose books are new.
essasNumberpluralGenderfeminineExampleNós vamos encontrar essas chaves.TranslationWe will find those keys.

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