none, any, neither

Example sentences

ningunoNumbersingularGendermasculineExampleYo no tengo ninguno de esos libros.TranslationI don't have any of those books.
ningunaNumbersingularGenderfeminineExampleÉl no quiere ninguna de esas camisas.TranslationHe doesn't want any of those shirts.
ningunosNumberpluralGendermasculineExampleAquí no hay ningunos zapatos baratos.TranslationHere there aren't any cheap shoes.
ningúnNumbersingularGendermasculineExampleNo vi ningún libro sobre el escritorio.TranslationI didn't see any books on the desk.
ningunaNumbersingularGenderfeminineExampleMi habitación no tiene ninguna ventana.TranslationMy room does not have any windows.

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