going, (?) am I going, (?) are you going to

Example sentences

voyExampleCreo que me voy a tomar unas vacaciones esta semana.TranslationI think I am going to take a vacation this week.
vasExampleNo vas a estar en tu casa hasta el viernes.TranslationYou are not going to be at your house until Friday.
vaExampleElla va a pensar que no me gustó.TranslationShe is going to think that I did not like it.
vamosExampleVamos a comer a ese restaurante otro día.TranslationLet us go eat at that restaurant another day.
vanExampleHoy le van a tomar una foto.TranslationToday they are going to take a photo of it.
vayaExampleSolo espero que le vaya bien.TranslationI only hope that it goes well for him.
vayasExampleDeseo que vayas a la casa.TranslationI want you to go home.
vayaExampleEl ingeniero quizá vaya.TranslationThe engineer may go.
ibaExampleYo iba al teatro los sábados cuando yo tenía dinero.TranslationI went to the theater on Saturdays when I had money.
fuiExampleFui al cine con mi hermano.TranslationI went to the movie theater with my brother.
fueraExampleSi yo fuera allí a comer pescado, bebería vino blanco con la comida.TranslationIf I went there to eat fish, I would drink white wine with the meal.
fuisteExampleTú no fuiste a la universidad.TranslationYou did not go to the university.
fuerasExampleEra muy importante que tú fueras a ese restaurante esa noche.TranslationIt was very important that you went to that restaurant that night.
ibaExampleÉl iba a estar aquí.TranslationHe was going to be here.
fueraExampleSi usted fuera a ese restaurante comería muy bien.TranslationIf you went to that restaurant you would eat very well.
fueExampleDespués de decir eso, se fue con su esposa.TranslationAfter saying that, he left with his wife.
fuéramosExampleSi fuéramos a ese restaurante, yo quisiera comer sopa de pollo.TranslationIf we went to that restaurant, I would like to eat chicken soup.
fuimosExampleFuimos a la ciudad después de estar en mi casa.TranslationWe went to the city after being at my house.
ibanExampleUstedes iban a esa región.TranslationYou were going to that region.
fueronExampleMi madre y mi padre fueron a comer sopa.TranslationMy mother and my father went to eat soup.
fueranExampleNosotros comeríamos con ellos si ellos fueran a comer a la misma hora que nosotros.TranslationWe would eat with them if they were to eat at the same time as us.
idoExampleAlejandro ya se ha ido a la cama.TranslationAlejandro has already gone to bed.
irExampleMañana vamos a ir a la casa de mi hermana.TranslationTomorrow we are going to go to my sister's house.

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