(you) go, went, gone

Example sentences

vadoExampleVado al ristorante.TranslationI go to the restaurant.
vaExampleChi va al ristorante?TranslationWho goes to the restaurant?
andiamoExampleAndiamo.TranslationWe're going.
andateExampleNo, voi non andate.TranslationNo, you do not go.
vadaExampleMia sorella mi segue ovunque io vada.TranslationMy sister follows me wherever I go.
vadaExampleÈ necessario che tu vada lì immediatamente.TranslationIt is necessary that you go there immediately.
andaiExampleAndai all'aeroporto per incontrare la coppia.TranslationI went to the airport to meet the couple.
andassiExampleVorrei che tu andassi lì.TranslationI would like you to go there.
andavaExampleHo capito perché la motocicletta non andava.TranslationI found out why the motorcycle was not working.
andasseExamplePensavo che qualcuno andasse con te.TranslationI thought that someone was going with you.
andavamoExampleAbbiamo parlato mentre andavamo alla stazione.TranslationWe talked while we were going to the station.
andammoExampleAndammo a pescare al lago.TranslationWe went to fish in the lake.
andaronoExampleAndarono al parco la mattina seguente.TranslationThey went to the park the next morning.
andatoExampleNon so dove lui sia andato.TranslationI do not know where he has gone.
andataExampleÈ difficile dire come sia andata davvero.TranslationIt is difficult to say how it really went.
andatiExamplePenso che siate andati troppo lontano.TranslationI think that you have gone too far.
andateExampleLe cose non erano andate bene quell'anno.TranslationThings had not gone well that year.
andròExampleAndrò a Parigi con te.TranslationI am going to go to Paris with you.
vaiExampleVai fuori e gioca con tuo fratello!TranslationGo out and play with your brother!
andrestiExampleAndresti al supermercato a comprare del burro?TranslationWould you go to the supermarket to buy some butter?
andraiExampleNon so dove andrai.TranslationI don't know where you will go.
andrebbeExampleQuelle volte il bambino non andrebbe a scuola.TranslationThose times the boy would not go to school.
andareExampleDue scarpe tu ce le hai, puoi andare dove vuoi.TranslationYou have two shoes, you can go where you want.
andandoExampleDove sta andando tuo figlio con mia figlia?TranslationWhere is your son going with my daughter?
andremoExampleDomani andremo da mia sorella.TranslationTomorrow we are going to go to my sister's house.
andiamoExampleAndiamo al parco a correre!TranslationLet's go to the park to run!
andateExampleAndate da soli!TranslationGo by yourselves!
andrebberoExampleLoro andrebbero al negozio.TranslationThey would go to the store.

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