to the, to, at the

Example sentences

alloNumbersingularExampleCompriamo le caramelle allo zoo.TranslationWe buy candies at the zoo.
alNumbersingularExampleLa ragazza scrive al ragazzo.TranslationThe girl writes to the boy.
allaNumbersingularExampleAlla ragazza non piace il succo.TranslationThe girl does not like the juice.
aiNumberpluralExampleLa donna scrive ai ragazzi.TranslationThe woman writes to the boys.
agliNumberpluralExampleI ragazzi leggono agli uomini.TranslationThe boys read to the men.
alleNumberpluralExampleAvete il gelato alle mele?TranslationDo you have apple ice cream?
all'NumbersingularExampleLoro danno l'acqua all'animale.TranslationThey give the water to the animal.

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