(he/she/it/you) spoke, (he/she/it/you) talked, (he/she/it/you) told

Example sentences

parliExampleTu parli.TranslationYou talk.
parlaExampleLei parla.TranslationShe speaks.
parliamoExampleNoi parliamo.TranslationWe speak.
parlanoExampleLe donne parlano.TranslationThe women speak.
parliExampleNon voglio che lui mi parli della sua sposa perfetta.TranslationI don't want him to talk to me about his perfect bride.
parliExampleLascia che la gente parli.TranslationLet people speak.
parlaiExampleParlai al telefono.TranslationI spoke on the telephone.
parlassiExampleEra necessario che parlassi.TranslationIt was necessary for me to speak.
parlòExampleIl vecchio mi parlò in francese.TranslationThe old man spoke to me in French.
parlavaExampleCon chi parlava tua sorella al telefono?TranslationWho was your sister talking to on the telephone?
parlasseExampleL'importante era che se ne parlasse.TranslationThe important thing was that it was talked about.
parlammoExampleParlammo per più di due ore.TranslationWe spoke for over two hours.
parlavanoExampleNon parlavano in inglese.TranslationThey were not speaking in English.
parlatoExampleÈ possibile che lei non abbia parlato subito con i genitori?TranslationIs it possible that she did not speak right away with her parents?
parleròExampleNe parlerò col mio cavallo.TranslationI will talk about it with my horse.
parlereiExampleNon parlerei tanto di differenza.TranslationI would not speak so much about difference.
parlaExampleParla al telefono con tua nonna!TranslationTalk on the phone with your grandmother!
parleràExampleMi parlerà appena finisce di mangiare.TranslationHe will talk to me as soon as he finishes eating.
parlerebbeExampleLui gli parla come parlerebbe a un bambino.TranslationHe talks to him like he would talk to a baby.
parlareExampleNon ti vuole parlare? Lo credo bene!TranslationShe does not want to talk to you? I should think so!
parlandoExampleDue dottori stavano parlando di lavoro.TranslationTwo doctors were talking about work.
parlateExampleParlate quanto volete!TranslationTalk as much as you want!

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