my, mine, of mine

Example sentences

meuNumbersingularGendermasculineExampleO cavalo não é meu.TranslationThe horse is not mine.
minhaNumbersingularGenderfeminineExampleA gata não é minha.TranslationThe cat is not mine.
meusNumberpluralGendermasculineExampleOs meus são cavalos.TranslationMine are horses.
minhasNumberpluralGenderfeminineExampleAs batatas são minhas.TranslationThe potatoes are mine.
meuNumbersingularGendermasculineExampleMeu professor bateu as botas.TranslationMy teacher kicked the bucket.
minhaNumbersingularGenderfeminineExampleEu tenho a minha borboleta.TranslationI have my butterfly.
meusNumberpluralGendermasculineExampleMeus pássaros comem insetos.TranslationMy birds eat insects.
minhasNumberpluralGenderfeminineExampleA mulher lê as minhas palavras.TranslationThe woman reads my words.
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