stop, stop!, halt

Example sentences

paraExampleO elefante não para!TranslationThe elephant does not stop!
paramosExampleNós paramos o cavalo.TranslationWe stop the horse.
paramExampleOs cavalos param.TranslationThe horses stop.
pareExampleEle não quer que eu pare agora.TranslationHe does not want me to stop now.
pareExampleNós queremos que esse processo pare.TranslationWe want that process to stop.
paravaExampleO ônibus não parava nesta rua.TranslationThe bus did not use to stop on this street.
parasseExampleSeria bom se parasse de chover.TranslationIt would be nice if it stopped raining.
paravaExampleA chuva não parava de cair.TranslationThe rain would not stop falling.
parasseExampleSeria bom que a gente parasse por dez minutos.TranslationIt would be good if we stopped for ten minutes.
parassemExampleA polícia pediu que eles parassem o carro.TranslationThe police asked that they stop the car.
paradoExampleDurante a batalha, foi como se o tempo tivesse parado.TranslationDuring the battle, it was as if time had stopped.
parariaExampleVocê disse que pararia de chover.TranslationYou said it would stop raining.
parareiExamplePararei de comer tanto.TranslationI will stop eating so much.
pararExampleQuando eu parar será definitivo.TranslationWhen I stop, it will be definitive.
pareExamplePare o carro aqui.TranslationStop the car here.
pararáExampleEm fevereiro, ela parará.TranslationIn February, she will stop.
parariaExampleEle não pararia aqui.TranslationHe would not stop here.
pararExampleSe ele parar de trabalhar, não ganhará dinheiro.TranslationIf he stops working, he will not earn money.
pararExampleQuando vai parar de chover?TranslationWhen is it going to stop raining?
parandoExampleO relógio está quase parando.TranslationThe clock is almost stopping.
pararãoExampleElas não pararão hoje.TranslationThey are not going to stop today.

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