the, you, them

Example sentences

aGenderfeminineExampleEla vai pensar que eu não a amo.TranslationShe is going to think that I do not love her.
osGendermasculineExampleMeus pais os amam mais que nós.TranslationMy parents love them more than we do.
oGenderneuterExampleEla não o vê há sete anos.TranslationShe has not seen him since seven years ago.
asGenderfeminineExampleO promotor fala, mas não as aponta.TranslationThe prosecutor speaks, but does not point to them.
oGendermasculineExampleA bola e o cachorro.TranslationThe ball and the dog.
aGenderfeminineExampleA prova foi moleza.TranslationThe exam was a piece of cake.
osGendermasculineExampleOs meninos escrevem um livro.TranslationThe boys write a book.
asGenderfeminineExampleAs mulheres e as meninas leem.TranslationThe women and the girls read.
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