Your, yours (plural)

Example sentences

teuNumbersingularGendermasculineExampleO jornal é teu.TranslationThe newspaper is yours.
tuaNumbersingularGenderfeminineExampleA aranha não é tua.TranslationThe spider is not yours.
teusNumberpluralGendermasculineExampleOs pássaros são teus?TranslationAre the birds yours?
tuasNumberpluralGenderfeminineExampleTu comes as tuas.TranslationYou eat yours.
teuNumbersingularGendermasculineExampleTeu pato não bebe água.TranslationYour duck does not drink water.
tuaNumbersingularGenderfeminineExampleEla lê a tua carta.TranslationShe reads your letter.
teusNumberpluralGendermasculineExampleTeus animais têm uma casa?TranslationDo your animals have a house?
tuasNumberpluralGenderfeminineExampleA mulher lê as tuas palavras.TranslationThe woman reads your words.
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