• How can I navigate lessons with the keyboard?

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  • I have previous experience with a language. How can I skip the basics?

    If you have previous experience with a language and feel that lessons are too easy, there are several ways to advance more quickly. To test out of individual skills (e.g. Basics 1), press the button in the top right corner of any skill page that says “Test out of this skill.” If you can pass this test, you will instantly learn the skill.

    If you would rather test out of many skills at once, you can click on the padlocks found throughout your skill tree on the Home page. Passing this test will unlock all skills in the tree up to that point.

  • How can I add new languages?

    Feeling adventurous enough to learn more than one language at a time? Click the flag icon you see in the top left corner of Duolingo and choose an additional language that you would like to learn from the drop down. Adding additional languages will not make you lose progress in existing languages.

    Use this dropdown whenever you want to switch between the languages that you are learning.

  • What are skill points and levels?

    You earn skill points any time you perform a task that improves your language skills. These tasks include finishing a lesson, translating sentences, and rating others’ translations.

    You reach new levels once you accumulate the necessary number of skill points for each level. There are currently 25 levels, and you can always see how close you are to reaching the next level on your Home page.

  • My speech input is not working. What can I do?

    Chrome users: If you accidentally denied Duolingo permission to use your microphone, you will not be able to do any speaking exercises. You can change which sites can use your camera and microphone by editing your permissions in Chrome. To do that, open Chrome->Settings->Show Advanced Settings. Under Privacy, select Content settings. Under Microphone, select Manage exceptions. If Duolingo is on the list and the behavior is not set to "Allow", remove it from the list by clicking on the X that appears when you hover over it. Click done and go back to Duolingo. Next time a speech exercise appears, there will be a pop-up asking for permission to access your microphone. Click "Allow" and you should be good to go!

    Other browsers: Duolingo requires the Adobe Flash plugin to accept speech input, so first ensure that you have Flash installed. If Flash is installed but speech input is still not working, try refreshing the web page in your browser. If this does not fix the problem, try closing and reopening the browser. If none of these solutions work, make sure you do not have any browser extensions installed that would block the Flash plugin. Some extensions known to interfere with Flash include Ghostery, Adblock, Flashblock, and DNT.

  • My sound is not working. What can I do?

    First, ensure that your volume is turned up and that sound is working properly elsewhere on your computer. If the sound only appears to be broken in Duolingo's lessons, try refreshing the web page in the browser. If this does not fix the problem, try closing and reopening the browser.

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